Vol.4 No.2.
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Out of Line

To accompany the photo story in published in
EI8HT (V4N2) about the difficulties faced by
ex-servicemen as they enter civilian life, foto8 presents
personal images taken by Stuart Griffiths of his time
in the army. His service in the Parachute regiment
encompassed training to become both a soldier and
a photographer.


In association with the offices of Médecins san Frontières and Amnesty International in Holland, and to accompany the photo story published in EI8HT (V4N2), eight photojournalists present their own stories on violence against women. These Quicktime projections include work by Stanley Greene, Jodie Bieber, Jane Evelyn Atwood, Philip Blenkinsop, Isabelle Esrhaghi, Benedicte Kurzen, Kadir von Lohuizen, Olivier Coulange.

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