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laif Agentur für Photos & Reportagen, based in Cologne, is one of the leading photo agencies for photojournalism and magazine and travel photography and is a trendsetter in these fields.

More than 200 national and international freelance photographers supply laif with their mostly published and multi-award-winning work, or give free reign to their creativity in our special archive productions. We currently work with 30 international agencies, which laif represents exclusively in Germany and which help increase our range of visual resources.

laif has a portfolio of approximately 1.3 million images – of which around 800,000 are digitalized – and which customers can access through our website at Together with the archives of our partner agencies, our Cologne-based photo agency has a pool of over five million images.

laif offers both individual photos and complete features to clients around the world, from editors of daily papers and weekly and monthly magazines (print and online) to publishers of books and calendars, and from corporate clients, associations and organizations to advertising agencies.

Our agency provides a wide range of photographic material on topics as diverse as travel, national and international politics, business, science, medicine, lifestyle, food and drink, sport and leisure, wellness, nature and portraits, among others.

We don't just see photography as a service but a passion. laif warmly invites you to take a trip through our creative resources and discover all that we have to offer.

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