Room with a View
Julio Bittencourt

Living in the Vortex
Luke Wolagiewicz
>Room with a View Portraits of the residents of the infamous Prestes Maia building in Sao Paulo, captured by Julio Bittencourt
Living in the Vortex Luke Wolagiewicz looks down into the depths of the world's tallest residential building
Faire le Camping Bruno Fert contrasts tents for the homeless with the iconic architecture of Parisian streets

>Downtown Rising Carlos Cazalis finds an impoverished community in Sao Paulo staking claim to prime property in the heart of the city
>Aftershock Six months after the devastating earthquake in Kashmir Paolo Pellegrin meets the children amidst the ruins
>Sand Trap In Murcia, Spain, Steve Forrest and Amay Roman witness new golf resorts emerging from the parched land
>The Emperor's New Clothes As China embarks on a much heralded building boom, Boris Svartzman documents the destruction of traditional neighbourhoods and a way of life
>Home Thoughts from Abroad Caroline de Vries visits Modibo in Paris and his family back home in Mali
>This England Stuart Griffiths walks the deserted streets of Sunderland in search of signs of a better life
>Not Wanted on Voyage David Creedon uncovers a time capsule hidden for more than 40 years in the abandoned homes of Ireland

>Off the Wall – Exhibitions from the walls of HOST Gallery
>The Saharawi Simon Thorpe reports from the Sahara on a people denied a homeland
>Funeral Train Mourners line the tracks as Robert F Kennedy's funeral procession passes through, as witnessed by Paul Fusco

>Sand Trap John Vidal
>The Need to Survive David Pratt
This England Tim Minogue
Silence, Exile and Cunning John O'Farrell

>Zoe Whitley 

>Book and Exhibition Reviews
>Children of Abraham Abbas
Beijing: Theatre of the People Ambroise Tezenas
Le Mal d'Afrique Guillaume Bonn
Rice is Life
Heroines and Heroes Steve Simon
Figure and Ground Richard Rinaldi
Le Fleuve Mure Pierre Montavon
Thin Lauren Greenfield
>The Black Panthers Stephen Shames
Photo Trouvee
Villa Mona Marjolaine Ryley
Naked Punch
Forgotten War
Magazine Review
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>Cover image © Paolo Pellegrin

Faire le Camping
Bruno Fert

Downtown Rising
Carlos Cazalis

Paolo Pellegrin

Sand Trap
Steve Forrest and Amaya Roman

The Emperor's New Clothes
Boris Svartzman

Home Throughts from Abroad
by Caroline de Vries

This England
by Stuart Griffiths

Not Wanted on Voyage
David Creedon

The Saharawi
by Simon Thorpe

Funeral Train
by Paul Fusco

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