"'Closure', 'Blockade' or 'Breathing Barriers', these are the terms that have been coined by the Israeli government. Many roads in the Occupied Territories are blocked to Palestinian vehicles. The Israeli closure forced on the Palestinian Territories since the beginning of the second Intifada

Since September 2000 the Israeli Defence Force have restricted the ability of Palestinians to travel, work, and go to school to a degree unprecedented in the 34-year Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The internal closure separates Palestinian localities from each other and results in the hampering or complete freezing of the economic, political, educational, medical, and social service necessary for a healthy society.

Such a 'cantonization' of the Palestinian Territories is achieved through the use of roadblocks (including destroying the roads themselves), checkpoints, and military patrols, all built upon the skeleton of the Jewish settlements.
Eddie Gerald, June 2003

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Roadblocks by Eddie Gerald.
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