The Howard by Doug MacLellan

Formerly known as Rhodesia, the country gained independence from the United kingdom in 1980. What was once a ‘gem’ of Africa with its abundant natural resources has recently fallen on hard times.

In 2002 Robert Mugabe, president since independence was re-elected in what many see as a rigged election. Once a powerful reformist African leader loved by his people, he now sits in power as a virtual dictator. Whilst Zimbabwe has succeeded in throwing off the shackles of colonialism it has suffered economically and its people are enduring widespread poverty.

A famine is threatening the southwest of the country due to a lack of maize. Maize which was once grown on commercial farms, mostly white owned. Today the government is seizing white-owned farm land and giving it to poor subsistence farmers who lack the knowledge needed to run the land commercially.

THIS PAGE: The Men's B-Ward where men with HIV/AIDS are cared for. Tuberculosis is the main cause of death. Patients normally arrive in a near terminal state so the staff at The Howard attempt to make them comfortable in the absence of any effective treatment. Havinbg returned home to die this man (right) continues to be visted by The Howard Home Care team.
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