The Howard by Doug MacLellan

The Howard Compound stands as a beacon of hope. It has existed in Glendale for seventy-five years. The resident doctor, Paul Thistle, is a man of great faith and endurance. Originally from Canada, he has a Zimbabwean wife and, recently, a new baby boy.

Usually he stays to look after the sick and dying. He will be there for the nurses who also have AIDS. He will play hockey with the children. He will pray at the Salvation Army church. He will spend his own money to pay salaries or purchase necessary drugs.

Occasionally he will return to Canada to upgrade his skills and raise funds. When he returns, hundreads of people every day will seek his service. He will use sutures that expired in 1989 and be thankful.

The Howard will do its best every day and somehow create hope for a community that is impoverished and facing the daily hardships of life in Zimbabwe.

THIS PAGE: Takwenda (left) is a twelve-years-old and has TB. He was born HIV Positive. The boy (right) offered the chicken to a member of the Howard Hospital Home Care Unit after their visit to see a member of his family.
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