“I don’t change my tactics in ‘muay katchuak’ [‘rope boxing’]. I go in the same as if I were fighting in Bangkok: kicks and punches, and when I’m close enough, I’ll split his face open with my elbows,” says Wit, a local boy made dangerous, who has earned notoriety at Mae Sot’s annual fights. Back at the stadium, only a day after his triumph over a class fighter from Rangoon (Yangon), Wit is in the ring again, having answered the call for volunteers.
The refs have to jump in fast, because there are no points to deduct for foul play. If both boxers are still standing after five three-minute rounds, the fight’s a draw. Victory must be won by knockout.

Dark-skinned, longyi-clad Burmese, lips stained red from betel nut, suffer the defeat of their boxers in quiet resignation and passionately hail their victories.
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