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A portfolio of 9 prints from Nader Ebrahimi.
 For sales information contact the artist
 at (718) 834 0421.

Nader reaches for a camera 
to take a few pictures.
He makes notes and, working with his
contact sheets, he clips out images
 to use in layouts that will 
influence the ongoing
selection for making prints.
With an upbringing that has drawn 
on family infuences from 
El Salvador and Persia,
Ebrahimi has combined his 
many tastes for
architecture, fashion, reportage 
and color  to make his unique
photographic art.

Using the colors captured on film
as a reference 
Nader paints in oil ,
 creating vivid paintings
with many layers of vibrant color.
These works are epic 
in both the time put into
their creation and their size.
Getting the huge paintings out
 of the studio through the door is not 
an uncommon problem.

The location of his studio 
provides some wicked views
 of the city, but Nader does not limit 
his photographs to this.
His images are gathered
from far afield; maybe a café in
Morocco or from a visit to his
native California. 
From the processed negatives he
makes large (24in x 24in) prints which are
then mounted on black perspex frames.
The prints are often the starting
point for other projects,
home-made books and paintings.



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