Photographs by
Jon Levy

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Today we can relive this experience in the cinema watching Jedi Knights free Anakin Skywalker from the clutches of his evil slave master Watto, a duck-footed, pot-bellied scrap dealer who runs a spare parts service in Mos Espa for visiting spacecraft. Again life imitates fiction, this time in the person of Kamel Souilah, 38 years old, Nefta resident and scrap merchant. He is hardly duck-footed or pot-bellied, rather lean and nimble, but he does have a ready supply of spare parts for visiting Star Fleet enthusiasts.
Kamel, the galactic Tunisian trader, has forged an agreement with the CTV to cart away the tons of discarded sets and props visiting film crews leave behind. All around his home on the edge of Nefta lies the movie booty from The Phantom Menace and other productions: Rolls Royce aircraft/spaceship engines, sections of old Starship cockpits, robots, missile heads, doors, carpentry and electronics from the set.