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War Crimes in Kosovo: April 2oth - July 3rd 1999
Photographs and text by Gary Knight
On the road north from Pizren to Djakove Gilles and I drove through a small line of vehicles parked on the side of the road by a railway track. The village that straddles this road, Velika Krusha, was the site of one of the alleged massacres in the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia’s Indictment of President Milosevic et al.

There were a small number of journalists scattered along the narrow road peering over the shoulder of the German military policeman guarding a cluster of burned houses that marked the perimeter of the village. A group of Kosovar men came down the road from the direction of Djakove and stopped to see what we were all doing in this unremarkable place.

We asked the men if they knew what had happened here in April and if they knew anything of the alleged massacre. Having been separated from their families for several weeks and having been in hiding they knew nothing of the events described in the indictment.

Naser Mazreku took the list of victims attached to the Indictment and read slowly through it watched closely by his friends. What we did not know - much to my regret - was that many of his family were on that list - presumed dead, murdered by Serb military or Para-military units and burned in a house standing about 50 meters from the road.

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