Photographs by Glenn Hunt
After the last race has run, it's time for what feels like a gift from the heavens after a long day of 40 degree heat, a dip in the Diamantina River. The betting ring is an eternal hive of activity as is the make-shift watering hole which is serves as an umbilical cord from the pub in town. The racing itself, is executed around a semi-circled dust covered track which seems to cover more ground than it's city counterparts. As dusk falls the party gets into full swing again with one of the highlights being the formal ball. The word formal although is used fairly loosely and paying guests arrive in various forms of attire, tuxedos worn with shorts, bow ties and not much else, the permutations in fashion are endless.
When the Birdsville Cup has run, a small presentation is made at the finishing line with an onlooking crowd that seems slightly disinterested in the whole affair.
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