Ernie 2000
Five days a week teaching is too much for me with the medication I am taking I become exhausted - and the hard part is that I don't want to tell anyone. It seems friends and family members are always congratulating me about my new job.

Sometimes people do not understand that this is a disease you fight from day to day. I think I would be better suited to work at something part time or from my home.

I find that success is finding the value in each moment I feel well. Clinical depression is an illness that can not be fit into a boxes or a neat little ending, it is an ongoing battle. I am feeling better now and was asked to sing a solo in church this Sunday. It is moments like this and celebrations with my family that keeps me alive. One thing I know, I will keep fighting, taking the good days with the bad, and I will never give way to that kind of depression again.
The Depths of Depression
by Jeanine Pohlhaus
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see: PBS- Egg, The Arts Show

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