The Minor Leagues ... Words and Photography by Les Stone
A great many of the players featured here are from small towns most people never heard of, they play for teams that hardly anyone outside of the sport knows. They will probably be forgotten, but it doesn't matter, they play to be a part of something. They play for a love of the sport and for camaraderie. There is a part of this game that goes largely unseen: the dressing rooms, buses and the long hours of work and often frustration.

Minor League baseball lays naked the fears, the drama, the boredom, the sadness and joy of the sporting life. It represents the quintessential struggle for self improvement, to go from rags to riches, that is central to the mythology of America. I shot this story to show a side of sports and life in the small towns of the United States. It is a life that is very real, and, thankfully, portrayed without the "spin" of public relations companies.

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