Kazbek Basayev
Kazbek Basayev

The 2009 Rory Peck Trust, in support of freelance newsgatherers, has announced its 2009 Award Winners.

Kazbek Basayev, Russian
South Ossetia war, shot in South Ossetia, Georgia, August 2008
Commissioned and broadcast by Reuters Video News

“Z” and “T” (Democratic Voice of Burma), Burmese
Orphans of Burma’s Cyclone, shot in Union of Myanmar/ Burma, May 2008-March 2009
Quicksilver Media for Channel 4 Dispatches

Sony Impact Award:
Joost Van Der Valk, Dutch
Saving Africa’s Witch Children, shot in Nigeria, February and May, 2008
Red Rebel Films / Oxford Scientific Films for Channel 4 Dispatches

For more information about the Rory Peck Trust and to see clips of the short films and reports in the winning entires please vist the new Rory peck website: www.rorypecktrust.org.