Although there had been few occurrences when a picture that I was in appeared in a newspaper or magazine, the last time this happened allowed me to enjoy my 15 minutes of fame. When a friend of mine told me in early 2004 that he saw a picture of me giving directions, I wasn’t particularly excited. My university was close to the British Museum and a week wouldn’t pass without some tourist asking me how to get to the museum. I never saw the photograph until it appeared in an art magazine that came bundled in with The Guardian.

That day several of my fellow students called and texted me that there was a photograph of me and another student in the newspaper. Needless to say, I went immediately and bought the issue. Imagine my surprise when I saw the photo and realised that neither I, nor my friend were lost! It was more than obvious, on every other photograph people were looking at maps, and the two of us were staring at some random piece of paper. In fact, we were discussing different housing accommodations that were spread all over London, which may have led Mr Gill to believe that we were lost. I also don’t remember anyone approaching us and offering help, though chances are that we would have rejected it.

Anyways, it was almost a year ago as I am writing the present paragraph so I may very well be wrong. To sum it all up, it was a mistake to print our picture in the magazines or the book, A Book of Field Studies, but it was a mistake that made me the topic of university gossip for a day! After all, several girls did call me to ask how I was feeling to be in a magazine so I can’t complain! So, Mr Gill, thanks for the photo.