In the fall of 2005 I stumbled into the Shanghai underground music scene (considered anything other than pop) by boredom. New to the city I was desperately looking for something to shoot when a friend invited me to a gig. The energy I felt was something I had never experienced, it hung thick in the air – I felt I was witnessing the start of something destined for the history books.

Since that first show I have been consumed by the underground music scene in China. My interest is not only in live concert pictures, but in trying to capture the energy between bands and fans. 

Pop music in China, similar to the government, it isn’t just a majority, it is something that controls the life and minds of 99 per cent of the population. Still in the early stages of development, the Chinese indie music scene is at a crossroads. It could explode into something huge, like all the Western media hype predicts. Or, like the Ramones and other early punk bands, it could fade into the background, forgotten by the majority until decades later when nostalgia finally gives it the exposure it deserved. 

Either way, these pictures stand as testament that the musical movement in Shanghai and the rest of China has began. Where it goes from here is less clear. 
Abram Deyo

Music by PK14