Ballard’s work will now be familiar to readers of 8 magazine – it’s the compelling cryonics story in the current issue. The stark, clinical images point towards a future in which the self, or parts of the self, can be reanimated after being frozen. A couple of Peacehaven residents (a very quiet bungalowed place just along the coast) are already signed up.

Ballard’s work, shown along with Richard Chivers’ dense images of quarrying in the Sussex countryside, Alex Currie’s strangely beautiful photographs of industrial blots on the landscape and Simon Carruthers’ fullframe examples of human consumption (which I would like to see printed even larger) collectively provided an thought-provoking take on the impact of humans on a living planet.

While undoubtedly documentary, the work is of the kind that – is it through elegant composition, large format cameras, big prints, articulate artists’ statements or all these things? (or something I am missing?) – positions itself as fine art. Either way, the work shows that Mark Power and others at Brighton are producing some fine graduates, who know not only how to take good pictures but how to put together a cohesive exhibition. It will be interesting to see what these four young photographers do next…

Max Houghton