“Photography is communication, and the strength of images lies in the messages they can convey to their audience. Carousel evenings combine film, photography, typography, the spoken word, music and sound to create a truly multi-discipline, creative environment for experiencing new works by photographers, designers and the new generation of media producers. Using any means necessary to tell the story, Carousel will throw out the rulebook, open up the box, and provide a platform for documentary makers from all walks of life to share their most creative works and reach their audience.” (Jon Levy, Foto8)

“Carousel Slide Slam offers the chance to tell your story, to inspire and to be inspired. It’s the place to see some of the most exciting creative works around.” (Rachel Stanley, Blurb Books)

Foto8 and Blurb are pleased to invite photographers, broadcasters, designers and producers to take part in this special evening of moving visual narratives.

Perform your own six-minute short or photographic project or just sit back and enjoy the mix as guest projectionists combine slide shows, film, music and live performance along with audience participation.

Sign up as a Projectionist

Presentations must run no more than six minutes and should incorporate live element(s), interpreted loosely. Your subject matter can be newly completed work, projects in progress, or previous productions that may now enjoy new relevance and potential within this forum. This is an opportunity to make an impact with your work and generate a response to a story that matters to you.

To register as a projectionist, email carousel [at] with a link to your completed slideshow (an actual file will have to be provided on the night), some background information on the story and your ideas on how you would like to present it.

To reserve your seat in the audience email rsvp [@]

Admission is FREE but you must rsvp to attend.

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For media information about Carousel contact:

Jon Levy – carousel [at]
Rachel Stanley at Blurb –  rstanley [at] / 020 3159 4321

Download the Launch Press Release pdf

Presentations shown at previous Carousel events, presented in association with Blurb

Carousel 10 – 21 March 2011

Colorful Fragments in the Absence, Artemis Pyrpilis
My Car is A Rolls Royce, Chris Collins
Road to the Future, Dionysis Kouris
West End, Kate Hooper
Auftakt, Roman Drits
Loved, Love, London, Sean McDonnell
Inside Out, Pierfrancesco Celeda
Childhood, Sue Parkhill
Untitled, James Allen
Libya, Social Factor, Veronika Lukasova

Carousel 9 – 21 February 2011

Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner, Hydar Dewachi
Sofa Portraits, Colin Pantall
Dead Instant Photo, Guilia Berto and Guilia Forgione
Asking for It, Amelia Shepard
So We Stand, Hamit Kambo
Canals, Stuart York
Lake Victoria Disability Centre, Jane Stockdale
We Love Bingo, Xaivier Gallana
Re: Home, Ed Thompson
Stock Cars, Tim Richmond
Lunchbreak Idols, Veronika Lukasova
Untitled, Markel Redondo

Carousel 8 – 24 January 2011

Tar Sands, Alan Gignoux
Charlie Wilson, Gualtiero Fisauli
Katha, Orwell in Burma, Julio Etchart
Roadside Britain, Sam Melish
Into Oblivion, Maja Daniels
The Mountain People, Rajan Zaveri
Bingo, Michael Hess
Photo Humorist, Paul Treacy
All I want, Travis Hodges
My Football Hell, Rino Pucci
Japenese Ferries, David Willems
Out of Site, Hannah Jones
Well Street, Virctoria Birkinshaw

Carousel 7 – 6 December 2010

Dissolving Travellers, Thalassini Douma
Unlocking Laos, Ore Huiying
Transit in Columbia, Athens, Dionysis Kouris
Stranger Among Them, Claire Barthelemy
Pozuzo, Katja Kulenkampff
Pueblo, Maria de la Iglesia
Futbol Callejero and Futbol Ocho at the Elephant, Raphael Schutzer-Weissman
Image of God, Kumar
Elephant The Sun Also Rises, Jonny Cochrane
To Happiness Endlessly, Hannah Jones
Voices, Alex Christo
Unspeakable, Mark Meek, Florence Royer
Time is Burning, Barny Hobbs
North Korea, Steve Gong
Lamlash Allotment, Eva Zhao
Nostalgia, Marco Mega
We Are What We Wear, Teresa Cos
Kinky, Valentina Quintano
Guantanamo, Edmund Clark

Carousel 6 – 8 November 2010
The way of the Cherry Blossom, Anton Kusters
The Devil and Mother Duennebier, Caitlin Duennebier
Paddy Bassett, Damien Drohan
When the Water Ends, Evan Abramson
In Ramallah I can Breath, Guy Martin
Dirty Rider, Handen Erek
I Predict a Riot, Jason Royce
Four Floors in Bielany, Kirk Ellingham
Bangor International Airport, Paul Jeffers
Vanishing Point, Nikolai Ishchuk
Sergey Torop, Sergey Kozmin

Carousel 5 – 12 July 2010
Sept. 26 2009, Andreas Schmidt
Happy, Chryssa Panoussiadou
The Last Figaro, Elena Uderzo
Helen Rimell
Demand the Impossible, Jason Royce
Morning Train to Cassablanca, Katya Katkova
Theresienstadt, Paul Hardy Carter
Orissa, Srinivas Kuruganti

Carousel 4 – 14 June 2010

Brother, Alicja Dobnicka

Haiti, Louis Quail

Amy, Jocelyn Bain-Hogg

Rolling Stones, Michael Donald (with John Bellknap)

North Korea, Irena Kalahinikova

Dandies, Ed Thompson,

Bangkok Burning, Kosuke Okahara

Victoria, Are You in Love With Me?, Victoria Birkenshaw
Kroo Life in Sierra Leone, Guilhem Alandry & Anna Kari
Road Trip, Thomas Smith
Last Stop: Rockaway Park, Juliana Beasley
African Village Lfe, Elena Uderzo

Carousel 3 – 10 May 2010

Copenhagen (COP15), Kristian Buus
Ghosts in the Hollow, Jim Lo Scalzo
Tidal, Tracey Tomtene
Re-entry in Los Angeles, Joseph Rodriguez
Bahati’s Story – Condition Critical, Duckrabbit
Interrupted Landscapes, Armando Ribeiro
Freetown, Kim Johansen
Monuments of Peru, Paolo Hare
Pinhole Photography, Justin Quinnell
Spacelands, Paul Freeman

Carousel 2 – 12 April 2010

Raw Materials, Liz Lock, Mishka Henner and Anna Stevens
Iranian Memoir, Paolo Pellegrin
Haiti, Ron Haviv
Muse, Joceyln Bain Hogg
House of Happiness, Rena Effendi
Spirit, John G Moore
Street Photography, Steve MacLaren
Flat of the Blade, Ewen Spencer
The Dear Leader, Chris Morris

Carousel 1 – 15 March 2010

Tuvalu, Anna Stevens and Robin Hammond
Maybe Not, Wayne Liu
War is Personal, Eugene Richards
Obama Election, Carmel King
People’s Park, Kurt Tong (with live music performed by Alex Garcia)
Destroying the Laboratory for the Sake of the Experiment, Mark Power and Daniel Cockrill
Space Hoppers, Paul Treacy
Afghan Soldiers, Afghan Hound
Sleeping Soldiers, Tim Hetherington
Once Upon a Time in the West, Aaron Schuman
Star City, Maria Guzdiva


Carousel Sessions are presented by Blurb and FOTO8