Published quarterly, was a place for working photojournalists to share their work, especially projects. As other magazines closed to go to the web, foto8 went in the other direction, and began publishing in print form with a broader scope that has come to include a range of photography that not everyone will think of as photojournalism, a lot more writing, and increasingly sophisticated design.

EI8HT- or 8- has been published for five years as a print mag, foto8 has been around for almost ten years, beginning in November 1998. In this time, though the staff’s energies have gone to the print magazine, foto8 never really left the web. New content goes up with every issue, and the entire original web run is archived. So, in anticipation of changes ahead, here’s a look at where it all started: foto8 Issue 1.

Andrew Lichtenstein’s story on Prison Tattoos in Texas, on three pages with a nice piece of text Les Stone’s project on Cambodian landmine victims, nine pictures on three pages Editor Jon Levy’s ten pictures from the Church of St. Lazarus in Cuba Porter Gifford on open heart surgery over four pages Featured artist Nader Ebrahimi … and a sheep market in Wales! (Jon again) It’s very different than the current magazine: the photography is almost all very straight and there’s not a lot of text. Everyone seems to be from Brooklyn, or at least from NY. And it wasn’t a consumer magazine; even the early volumes of the print mag were directed towards the trade. But it started out of an interest, a desire, and an opportunity, and now, almost ten years later, new interest, desires, and opportunities make way for new kinds of publishing. Anyways, it’s all there in the archives.