With a pool of diversity, the images varied from how women in the West experience their gender whether as immigrant sex workers, or how those often recognized as leading ‘liberated’ lives may feel otherwise, to the more common experiences of female subordination in developing countries. Some images chose to expose more specific cultural differences, such as recognizing the Albanian tradition, Virgjineshe (Sworn Virgins), which gives women the choice of taking on a male identity in order to enjoy male privileges, albeit with the consequence of remaining celibate. These images were then submitted to legendary photographer Nan Goldin, who then chose the winner, Jonathan Hyams.


Hyams image tells the story of how the main highway that links traders in Southern and Eastern Africa with Mozambique became a route for sex workers. ‘As the economic crisis under Mugabe has worsened, Mozambican women have been undercut by desperate Zimbabweans. I photographed Zimbabwean sex workers who sell themselves for less than the price of a bottle of local lager just so they can afford to buy food to send home to their families and survive another day.’

In addition to the various photographic prizes to the winner and runners up, their work will also be exhibited along side Nan Goldin’s in February.

To view the images and more details on the winner and runners up please log onto http://www.ctrlaltshift.co.uk/vice

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