The Readymech pinhole cameras from are available in five designs which are downloadable as colour PDFs, complete with assembly directions and suggestions for the best way to get the most out of your film. I tried making a very rough version of the “Dr Livingstone” (without glue, board, ruler, fim, foil etc) to see just how easy it was.

I’m definitely not crafty nor steady-handed but it came out OK, if a bit flimsy and fragile – the actual “cameras” are only a bit larger than the two film cannisters holding the fim inside. It probably won’t result in any masterpieces but is definitely fun for those who like a bit of DIY. 

Now as to why Corbis would be putting this up on their site, I have no idea. Any speculations? 
(click link on left to see their pic and my version)

Rollover for the one I made earlier…