Joanna Petrie



















Joanna Petrie is the lucky winner of the Foto8 ColourSplash Competition. The boy in this picture is playing at the Hindu Colour Festival, ‘Holi’ in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Foto8 chose the image for its unique expression of colour. People celebrate the Holi festival by throwing different coloured dyes at each other, and this boy seems to have been smothered in quite the variety 🙂


Joanna will soon be the owner of the very camera used in the review, kindly donated to us by .


Of course, we couldn’t resist sneaking a peek of our other favourites (…unfortunately we could not include them all):














Credits from top to bottom: Diane Peterson, Sylvie Bardet, Andrea Bakacs, Jane Stockdale, Jo Sand-Mann, Vishal Baja.


Be sure to watch this space for the next review of the LC-A+ Compact Automat! We’re already very excited about it just by looking at the quaint packaing!