News Release: London, 23 July 2010

Foto8 is pleased to announce that the 2010 Summershow award for Best in Show goes to ‘Shay’ by photographer Laura Pannack. Pannack picked up her prize winnings of £1500 at the launch party at HOST gallery on 23 July. Judges said they were won over by the emotion of the image and its power as a stand-alone portrait. The image was chosen from 153 photographs that comprise the Summershow 2010.

“This portrait is all about intensity. It’s a very close look at a human face that conveys emotion, too much emotion to comprehend. It’s a very raw picture that along with the tattoo on the arm of the young woman, makes you want to know the story behind the photograph.” – Summershow judge Monica Allende

About Laura Pannack

Pannack’s work is heavily focused on portraiture and youth culture in particular. She recently received first prize in the Portrait Singles category of the World Press Photo awards for her portrait of Graham, a young man suffering from anorexia (this image is also exhibited in the Summershow). Her work has won and been shortlisted for several awards and has been published and exhibited worldwide.

The 2010 Summershow Judges

Monica Allende, Picture Editor, The Sunday Times Magazine
Stefanie Braun, Curator, The Photographers’ Gallery
Harry Hardie, Exhibition Director, HOST Gallery
Colin Jacobson, Editor, Lecturer and Photography Commentator
Mark Power, Photographer

About the Summershow

The Foto8 Summershow is London’s greatest photographic spectacle, a veritable ‘salon de photographie’ – an inspiring array of framed and mounted images of all shapes and sizes, installed from floor to ceiling. This year over 2500 individual images were entered into the Summershow open submission exhibition. It runs until 4 September 2010.

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