Formed in the memory of Pierre and Alexandra Boulat by friends and family after the death if Alexandra Boulat in 2007 the Association seeks to keep the spirit of father and daughter alive through making their work available to the public and creating an annual grant to a photographer and sponsoring the education of young photographers.

Membership of the Association and Donations
To become a member of the Association:

For individual subscribers:  50 €
For a company or an organization 100 €

Additional donations are welcome:

In Europe:

Pierre & Alexandra Boulat
HSBC UBP – Paris Madeleine, France.

RIB:  30938 00080 00800019113  05
IBAN: 3093 8000 8000 8000 1911 305

The Pierre and Alexandra Boulat Grant
 We will award a Grant to a photographer to produce a story that must be told but that the photographer cannot find support for from within the Media. The first Grant will be awarded at Visa pour L’Image in Perpignan 2008 as it  was an event very close to the hearts of  Alexandra and Pierre Boulat.  The photographer should submit, no later than July Ist each calendar year, a one page proposal with a portfolio of 20 pictures to prove competency. A first committee would make a pre-selection in Paris and the final decision should be made in Perpignan with a jury of 7 or 9 people chosen among the most important photo editors at Visa pour L’image.

Submissions to:

The Alexandra and Pierre Boulat Association Grant
56, Bld Latour Maubourg

Exhibition projects

Vannes Festival in April in France is devoted to Alexandra. They will show her video MODEST.

New York Photo Festival will show MODEST by Alexandra in the new VII gallery in Brooklyn. May

FotoGrafia International Festival, Rome. Through the Looking Glass, an homage to Alexandra curated by Francesco Zizola and Deanna Richardson. May 8th to June 5th

Bruxelles: Bruno Stevens who is organising a major exhibition on War-Photojournalism will show one of Alexandra’s images with her comment.
Visa pour l’Image, Perpignan September 2008 should show a major retrospective exhibition of Alexandra’s work. It will be in the present Pierre Boulat space

To be confirmed: Jean-Louis Atlan Space Ground 00 In Washington will show an exhibition by Alexandra for the first edition of Photo Week D.C. November 2008
Alexandra’s prints are available through Bill Hunt Gallery in New York and the Alexandra and Pierre Boulat Association in Paris.
Pierre’s Prints are available through the Alexandra and Pierre Boulat Association, Paris.

Pierre Boulat is represented by the Cosmos Photo Agency in Paris.
Alexandra Boulat is represented by the VII Photo Agency in Paris and New York

The Board
Annie Boulat – Présidente                

Gary Knight – Vice Président            

Antoinette Boulat – Secrétaire          

Jean-François Leroy – Trésorier       

Honorary and consultant members

Issa Freij
Maryanne Golon
WW Hunt
Olivier Kaeppelin
Antonin Kratochvil
Patrice Lamotte
Caroline Mangez
Alison Morley
Chris Morris
Ariane Quentier
Robert Stevens
Sylvie Grumbach
Patrice Massoteau
Nicolas Saada
Jean-François Gallois
Jean-François Camp
Mete Zihnioglu
Goksin Sipahioglu
Kent Kobersteen

For further information please contact Annie Boulat. annie[at]