© Leo Hsu
The Ubiquitous Image installation, Wednesday evening

Images were indeed ubiquitous- Tim Barber’s Various Photographs displays three rows of wall to wall pictures, all printed at the same size and presented in the same frames. Although the room was not huge, the pictures overwhelm. There were too many people in the space to easily look at the images; I’ll be going back tomorrow to see what the logic and pattern is.


Other spaces were still being finished, including the Media Lounge where visitors can rest their legs and browse magazines.  The foto8 comment boxes will be in the media lounge- remember to come by and drop off your thoughts about the festival.


The Ubiquitous Image, curated by Lesley Martin also appeared to be getting some final touches.


First impressions of scale is that there is a lot to see but that you might be able to get through the main exhibits at a comforable pace in one long day.  There are however several satellite shows interspersed throughout. I’d give it a couple of days if you want to see everything.


Ticket pick up and sales are in the powerHouse arena, 37 Main St.