(please read this before emailing links or proposals directly to any of the Foto8 editors)


A series of images from a project, either completed or in progress, preferably accompanied by audio recordings or music. What we are looking for is similar to the features that appear in the magazine but the presentation online is designed to reference more clearly your own website and the raw nature of the photographs as a slideshow. Stories of the Week allow us to publish work in between the biannual magazine issues and are in our opinion of the same importance and interest.
How to submit
We aim to reply to everyone who sends in their work but often this is not always possible as we receive a great deal of submissions.


BY EMAIL (preferred method)
Email your submission to: foto8pictures [at] gmail [dot]com

Attach your images along with a story synopsis and be sure to include any further contact details. Please do not send only a URL link, we prefer to look at specific projects with the magazine or foto8 website in mind, rather than portfolios.

FILE SIZE: Please email only low resolution (72dpi and 1024px wide) images and do not include more than 35 in total, with any captions embedded in the file info. Keep note of the date of sending and subject line for further correspondence with us.


If you would prefer to present a a body of work or have us consider a story proposal in a private meeting, Jon Levy or Lauren Heinz will try to make time to meet with you, offering their opinion and guidance. We hope you appreciate that in order make this possible to the functioning of the magazine and our time that it is a pre-requisite for people wishing to make an appointment that they are existing subscriber members of Foto8. (Please see http://www.foto8.com/subscribe for information on becoming a Subscriber Member or contact sales [at] foto8.com to check the status of your previous subscription)

Please contact Lauren to find out about scheduled portfolio review sessions or to arrange a personal meeting at Foto8.

Please call +44 (0)20 7253 8801 or email foto8pictures [at] gmail [dot]com for further information. (please do not send images or proposals to any address other than the one given above).