080808 Foto8 Competition

Our new monthly competition is inspired by the wonderful alignment of all our stars this year to make a special day in August, 08.08.08

We want your images of 8 to launch our new competition and to commemorate this day. Maybe it’s pigeons marking out the shape as they peck grain in Trafalgar Square, clouds formation that momentarily blow into place or that favorite footballer’s shirt number as he scores the winning goal… the possibilities are certainly not limited by the imagination of these meagre examples.

Send your lores images (1024 pixels at 72dpi) either by:
email to foto8pictures[at]gmail[dot]com with “888” in the subject line
share you images with the Foto8 group on Flickr make sure images are tagged as 8

An online gallery and feed of images will grow on this site as we receive entries. As to the prize winners? A public (registered Foto8 users) vote this time to select the overall GR8TEST photograph!