• Tom Breheny

    19 Feb 2014
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    Tom Breheny in his home in Edinburgh. “My great-great-grandfather, Hersz Mordchajeicz-Einbaum, was born in Lodz in 1820. My Polish /Jewish grandparents Isaac and Sarah were also born in Lodz. They left Poland round about 1904 and settled near Liverpool in England. When the 2nd World War broke out my Jewish relatives who had remained in Poland were murdered by the Nazis in Auschwitz. I was born in Manchester in 1949 but I have lived in Edinburgh whole my adult life and now consider myself more Scottish than English. My Lancashire accent disappeared many years ago. My grandparents are Polish, Irish and Welsh and my wife and children are Scots. My loyalty will always be to Scotland. This is where my heart is. I like the people and the country.