• Ailie

    19 Feb 2014
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    Ailie was born in Edinburgh and is currently finishing her final year of study for microbiology degree. Science and Biology are her main interest but in a free time she loves to read a comics and to play on her X-Box. Her Mum is Glaswegian and Dad is English so I asked her if she feels British or Scottish? She answered: ” First Scottish then British ” but actually let Ailie speak by herself “I’m a local from Edinburgh, and I get a bit passionate about my city – although I can’t wait to leave when I’ve finished my undergraduate degree. I am a bit of a big kid; I get very attached to my games, my cartoons, and my Transformers toys! The walls aren’t as plastered with posters as they used to be, I don’t really fancy having a “student-y” student flat if you know what I mean. Science fiction is definitely my thing, especially retro-futuristic titles like Fallout or Bioshock, or ridiculous films like The Fifth Element because things like that often have a dark, tongue-in-cheek sort of humour; I can’t abide by anything too serious, especially if there are laser guns involved. I’ve always ticked “Scottish” on forms because that’s what I always thought of myself as being, and that’s what I’ve always been told I was. In fact, no one outside of the UK has ever called me “British”, and as a kid I got a distinct non-British feeling. All the television channels were planned to the English school dates, I didn’t recognise any of the British landmarks (I didn’t see London until I was seventeen), and no one “British” talked like me. However my father is English, and in primary school I got a bit of nastiness for it from other kids, though that usually subsided when I explained that my father is from Yorkshire which is far enough from London for most people to let me off the hook! Still, for all the anti-Englishness I was exposed to, my first long-term relationship was with a Londoner. But I have the accent, so I’m the one ordering at the bar to avoid any cheeky remarks from the barman…”