• Sikh family

    19 Feb 2014
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    Sikh communities in Scotland have a long history, which is going back to the XIX century when first Sikh families arrived here from India. Scottish Sikhs have their own tartan and can be seen wearing kilts made it from this material on special occasions. This portrait shows a family, which represent a more recent arrival of Sikh community members to Scotland. Gurinder and his wife Harpreet came to Scotland from New Delhi where their son Brahmjot was born as well. Their youngest baby, daughter Siaana was born in Edinburgh and I was also lucky to met Gurinder’s mother Balbir who comes to Scotland every few months to visit and help her son and his wife with raising the family. All of them are very attached to their religion which playing an important role in holding a community together but this doesn’t stop them from adapting some local customs like a Christmas tree for example. We were chatting over a Indian chai and Bombay mix and by the end of the day I was showed around Sikh temple in Edinburgh.