For those people out there who spend too many hours trawling the internet, looking at strange websites and even stranger images, this could be the diary for you. Comprised of images taken from various websites from around the world, including and, and showing anything from a soggy Persian cat to a teary soldier or two old men hugging, the pictures might make you giggle either with or at the subjects. However there is something slightly spooky about it all, like looking through someone’s living room window.

The diary has an image for every week so just as you are despairing at another dreary Monday and an impending meeting with the accountant you can cheer yourself up with the fabulous madness of people and what they deem interesting and worthy of putting on the internet.

Produced by Steidl, the diary celebrates the silly and absurd and raises two fingers at expensive arty/travel diaries that only succeed in depressing you with each new image. Who wants to see some deserted beach in the Caribbean in June when you’re stuck in an office, cursing yourself for not bringing an umbrella? Although possibly on the expensive side, this fabric covered, A5-size diary makes for a more interesting year.

Flora Bathurst