EI8HT photojournalism is a quarterly publication that showcases challenging and inspiring photo stories by many of the world’s
leading photojournalists.
Presented in colour and black & white, covering a range of photographic genres from reportage and landscape to portraiture,
the magazine presents photo stories that extend the boundaries of traditional story telling.

EI8HT photojournalism is distributed via Central Books to specialist bookshops and via COMAG to the news trade,
predominantly in the UK, but also worldwide.
- It is also delivered to the picture and editorial desks of the leading newspapers and magazines with an interest in photojournalism
- The magazine has a strong subscription readership, numbering four figures

EI8HT photojournalism is read by a literary and extremely literate AB1 audience* that numbers 10,000 readers per issue**.

- 62 per cent work either as a professional photographer or consider themselves to be a keen amateur photographer
- 15 per cent are media professionals, working as picture editors or editors of national newspapers and magazines worldwide
- 70 per cent are UK-based with the balance being 15 per cent domiciled in Europe and 15 per cent in the rest of the world,
...predominantly in the USA and the English-speaking world

* Based on research undertaken in January 2005. **Based on a readership of 2.5 readers per magazine.

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