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Out of Line

When I was 16 years old I joined the Parachute Regiment.
I started taking pictures whilst on operational duties in Northern Ireland.  I would keep the morale going within the platoon.  I suppose I was unconsciously documenting my existence there.  The 'happy-snaps' I collected are mostly self portraits and some are taken by fellow members in my platoon. My experiences in the Para's are varied.  It was a family that I was part off and was never bullied.  Good mates were formed and there was a great sense of belonging. 

I chose to leave this 'family' because I became disillusioned with being a 'soldier' and had got into something, whilst I was there, which was photography.  The more I got into photography, the less I wanted to be a soldier.  Being in the Parachute Regiment gave me my first taste of fear and taught me how to deal with it. I learnt how much to be hated from my times in Northern Ireland, but realized that it was the uniform and not my soul that was the blunt for such feelings of anger from the community that I patrolled around due to political situations.

This was part of my informative years of growing up.  When I finally left the military barracks that had kept me in line for five years, I felt a great sense of achievement, but only to realize that being in 'civvey street' was only just the beginning of a photographic journey I was going to discover.
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