Ekaterina Makrushina, 20, has problems with her thyroid gland and kidneys and suffers from gastric disorders.

Dimitri Baranov has a serious kidney disease and needs dialysis three times a week. Dimitri is not allowed to go to school; he has to stay calm and play quietly, He shouldn't run and is allowed just 0.8 liters of fluids every two days.
Tomsk-7, in Western Siberia, faced its last accident in 1993 after a row of more than 30 serious accidents. An explosion destroyed part of a reprocessing facility spewing radio nuclides, including plutonium, into the atmosphere contaminating 200 sq km. Several villages were evacuated. Tomsk-7 keeps on dumping radio-active nuclear waste in the vicinity of populated areas. The building of a second reprocessing facility is being considered to deal with the increased imports of nuclear waste. There are already large amounts of nuclear waste processed here from European countries.
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