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Best Served Cold by Guillaume Herbaut

Last year in the region of Shkodra there were 14 murders, or three less than the previous year. Certain people are waiting to draw blood again ... There are currently 295 families invovled in vendettas, 66 families in hiding and 34 children in hiding.

You know, vendettas are an old custom in Albania. Men have respected the law for a long time, especially in the north. Under the communist regime, it's influence diminished but never completely disappeared. Men didn't always abide by the Kanun, but that was mostly out of fear ... Today it's important that people learn to respect state laws and not the Kanun ...

In our area, the one most serious problem we have is the vendettas, but since we're on the border (Albania - Montenegro) we also suffer from drug and arms traffic, as well as human being traffic and remote-controlled mines.

Ahmet Prenci, Deputy Marshall of Shkodra since 2005



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