Photography and text
by J. B. Russell
The Kurdish people, scattered across Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran, make up the world’s largest ethnic group without a homeland. From the Ottoman Turks to the British Empire, Kurds have a long history of resistance against outside rulers. More recently, for the Kurds in Northern Iraq, it is the regime in Baghdad that poses the main threat to their existence. They have probably suffered more than anyone else over the past 20 years during Saddam Hussein’s oppressive rule and his quest to consolidate control the oil rich region of Kirkut.

Today Iraq is faces the prospect of another war. The role of the Kurds in any eventual military operation against Saddam Hussein or in any post Saddam government is still unclear. This time though, the situation is different – perhaps for the first time in their history, the Kurds of Northern Iraq have something to lose.

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