Pakistan Missile Worship
Photography by Piers Benatar/Panos,
additional research by Phil Lee
On 28 May 1998 Pakistan officially became a nuclear power. To a tide international protest, the Pakistani government launched its first test missile around the Chagai Hills in the southwestern province of Baluchistan.
While the rest of the world denounced the country for owning a cache of weapons with the potential to wipe out the Indian Subcontinent and beyond, the Pakistanis reveled in their newfound might.
What followed was a round of tit for tat missile tests between Pakistan’s neighbour and historical foe, India. With tensions between Pakistan and India reaching an all time high, both countries are again flexing their nuclear muscles.
In Pakistan, it seems many have put total faith in the power of the missile where images and paraphernalia symbolising Pakistani nuclear pride vie alongside the country’s other great icon, God.

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