Essay by David A Cantor.
“ ‘Self-expression’ is usually an egotistical approach, a willful distortion, resulting in over - or understatement. The direction should be toward a clearer understanding through intentional emphasis of the fundamental reality of things, so that the presentation becomes a synthesis of their essence.”

-Edward Weston, from a 1932 gallery exhibition announcement .
Probably, an early experience with icons came from religion, rapidly supplanted by a later inundation of secular icons from commerce and culture. If you have stopped at this site, perhaps you are saddened by the more recent trend of celebrity as icon driving news photography off the pages of magazines and newspapers that at one time thrived on reportage. In this group of photographs by Evan Schneider, we are reminded of a favorite photographic muse, iconography; being drawn to an exploration of objects from daily life purely on their visual merits. An initial recognition evolves into a study of an object, previously taken for granted, that somehow becomes a standout attraction “...even at 70 miles per hour on the interstate ...” to quote the photographer.

Photography by
Evan Schneider.