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Stephen Ferry
The Monacelli Press

I Am Rich Potosi.

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Potosi- Intro

The Rich Mountain

Miners' Carnival

Black Lung



The Imperial City of Potosí
1668: This same year the diminishment of the grandeurs of Potosí began; although they continued, they were not with the same pomp and brilliance as before; and so that you learn something of that grandeur up to this year, when they began to diminish, I say that gold, silver, pearls, and precious metals of such worth used to be so abundant that there was no limit to all of these: the riverbank had 132 refineries; five thousand Indians came each year to work in the great Cerro and the refineries; there were 48 watermills where they refined rich bars of metal, and from which very many
bars of silver left each week
.—The Annals of Potosí,1803

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