International Dai Bosatsu Zendo, a Rinzai Zen Buddhist Monastery, was dedicated and opened on July 4, 1976. Located in the Catskill Mountain Forest Preserve, about 3 hours from New York City, the monastery offers a setting for authentic Zen practice to all people, as well as to lay and ordained students.

Under the guidance of Japanese Zen Master, Eido Shimano Roshi, students receive traditional monastic training, using the discipline of structured daily zazen and work study.

DBZ presents a unique setting for those wishing to study and practice Rinzai Zen Buddhism in a monastery environment. Students receive training in the basics such as zazen (Zen meditation), chants, formal meal procedures, and work practice.

Once a month, the monastery conducts an all day sitting with intensive zazen and ending with the chanting of the Dai Bosatsu Mandala. This Mandala day sitting is held on the 21st day of every month to join with other zen practioners around the world in an effort to actualize true realization.

Sesshin is a week-long intensive retreat held six times a year at DBZ. This practice stems from Buddha's sitting under the bodhi tree in India. Early in the morning of December 8, it is said that he looked up and saw the first star and at this moment, he attained enlightenment. During sesshin students gather for a week of silent meditation, chanting, a daily talk or Teisho, and dokusan, a private conversation with Eido Roshi.

The monastery conducts training periods in the spring and fall. These three month periods, or kessei's, use daily zazen, formal meals, morning service, and work study to create a monastic environment which dates back thousands of years. Kessei students follow a strenuous schedule, rising daily at 5AM, practicing zazen 4 hours per day, and a work program which ranges from cutting wood to cleaning the monastery.