Beating Polio
Photographs by Jean-Marc Giboux
(A) A mobile team stops to immunize children in a remote district in India.
(A / L) New Dehli, India. Morning prayers at the Amar Jyoti rehabilitation centre. Amar Jyoti is a private charitable organization that provides integrated schooling for handicapped and non-handicapped children together.
(L) Nepal. School children march through Patans' historical Durbar Square during a polio immunization awareness rally.
The eradication of polio may take a little more time than expected (2005 is a very credible deadline), but it is well under way. It is a global effort unifying every race, religion and nationality toward the common goal of a polio-free world . Its success will probably be one of the great feats of the 20th Century, not only because it will rid the world of a deadly virus, but also because it will leave the infrastructure to fight other diseases.

Words © Jean-Marc Giboux 2000

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