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" From A Photograph "
ALL shadows once were free;
But wingless now are we,
And doomed henceforth to be
In Light's Captivity.
John B. Tabb
Camera Work I, 1903
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© Gary Knight © J-M. Giboux © Glenn Hunt
Evidence Beating Polio A Day at the Races
Gary Knight dispalys the stark evidence of persecution and murder in Kosovo.
Requires QuickTime
Jean-Marc Giboux travels the globe to report on the drive to eliminate Polio. Glenn Hunt visits the Australian outback to witness the unusual Birdsville Raceday.
© Jon Levy © A. Lichtenstein © Ilkka Uimonen
The Hunters Texas Prison Tattoos Afghanistan Survival
Jon Levy looks at the very British tradition of fox hunting and hears from those against it being outlawed?
Requires Flash
Andrew Lichtenstein shows his work on prison tattoos in the American penal system. Ilkka Uimonen reports from the mountains of Afghanistan where villages face the worst drought in 40 years.
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