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:: Issue 10 ::

A Depleted Generation
Ten years ago the leaders of the Western world trumpeted their triumph against Iraq in the Arabian desert. Today, children in Iraq are still suffering the consequences.
J.B. Russell reports on the latest victims of depleted uranium weapons.
Conceptual Area:

Douglas Cape's
panoramic images with audio create an all-round view of Gaza and Jerusalem.
Depleted Uranium, Coping with Depression, Caspian Sea Oil Exploration, Minor League Baseball, Street Life in China, India's Film Industry. As well as new presentations in the Projects and Conceptual Areas.

UPDATE: Issue09/projects; new Mark Rykoff video interview.
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Kate Schermerhorn and Mikhail Evstafiev - on remembering their roots and photographing, for their children, the experience of living abroad.
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A new addittion to the foto8 site where photographers showcase their own online work