The Minor Leagues ... Words and Photography by Les Stone
Sports permeates the fabric of our society. Americans are consumed by sport, some refer to it as the "new American religion". Although popular in other countries, baseball, in particular, is distinctly an American phenomenon.
.....Baseball is an incredibly important part of the lives of many people. Some people participate, others just watch, but in both cases people come to identify very strongly with their teams. Team sports often represent social groups at every level of class. In fact baseball, as many players demonstrate, is a breeding ground for upward mobility among immigrants and second generation Americans. It is not just a sport, it's a way out of a socio-economic class. It is also big business, run by corporations and wealthy individuals with discretionary income.
.....Baseball is democracy in action, it is drama, theatre for the masses, mind crushing pathos and beauty. In Minor League baseball there is a popular cultural phenomenon that, in many places, retains its simplicity as the "American pastime". It is not yet corrupted by the big money of the major leagues.

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