falmouth36_280When starting our final projects in September 2011, none of us thought we would come this far. From the conception of each project and story, it has been a journey of up hill struggles, challenges and rewards. We have crossed continents, explored historic tensions within Europe and turned our lenses to stories throughout the UK.

Each project is successful in its own right, and together they highlight the diversity of work, techniques and approaches that has emerged from this graduating year of Press & Editorial photographers 2012.

The skills that we have gained throughout our degree are evident in the work exhibited today. Whilst traditional techniques and theories have shaped our work, our course prides itself at being at the forefront of photojournalism. Covering almost every platform from fine prints, books and multimedia, to iPad apps, websites and blogs, we have grown within the ever developing and changing landscape of press and editorial photography.

Almost every photographer of this graduating year has already been professionally involved in the industry, some working at Panos Pictures, Rex, NOOR, VII and Foto8 – whilst others have been part of editing teams on newspapers and magazines.

Through the University’s own photo agency Cartel Photos, our work has been published throughout the UK across local and national press including The Independent, The Guardian, The Telegraph, BBC and The Falmouth Packet. This exhibition is an insight into our world and a platform for our futures.