Røst, an island in northern Norway, is part of the Lofoten archipelago and has a population of approx. 600 poeple. Røst has been inhabited for hundreds of years and is a traditional fishing community. The sea is rich with life, and the world’s largest deep water coral reef is located west of Røst.

Since the 15th century, stockfish (dried fish) has been exported to Italy from Røst. Now, oil companies and many politicians want to begin the search for oil in these waters. Conservationists, on the other hand, want to ban oil exploration in this area, fearing pollution and oil spills. There are also plans for wind turbines to go up in the near future, both on the island and further along the Lofoten coast.

In this short film we meet Oddleif Torsteinsen, a fisherman and sheep farmer from Røst.

Photo and video and editing by Fredrik Naumann.