In the most recent issue of 8, Chris Killip wrote a review of Paul Graham’s  exhibition, A Shimmer of Possibility.  He recognized in Graham’s work societal inequalities that may be caused or perpetuated by political or class structures, but which also are lived as human experience and described as such in Graham’s photographs.  Killip likens Graham’s work to Robert Frank’s, as work that is not reassuring but that “needs to be seen”.

The very same can be said about Killip’s own work (which has been compared to Frank’s as well).  Killip’s work has gathered new attention in recent months.  Here Comes Everybody, a book of black and white and colour photographs of pilgrimages in the west of Ireland made over several years has just been released by Thames and Hudson.  Eight of Killip’s images were honoured as Isle of Man postage stamps (which Foto8 proudly exhibited at the New York Photo Festival two weeks ago).  And, Killip’s seminal In Flagrante is included in the first group of Errata Editions’ new Books on Books series, which seeks to make important photo books that will not be reprinted newly available as a study object. (The entirety of In Flagrante is reproduced in the Books on Books volume, but not all at full scale).

Killip’s work represents an apparently effortless marriage between photographic control and conscientious observation, all the while reverberating with humanism.  Both his photographs and his books are the result of careful consideration.  For this reason he has been compared to Frank.  

Foto8 and HOST Gallery are proud to present Chris Killip at HOST gallery on Friday 5 June in an exclusive London date, speaking to long-term colleague and friend, Ken Grant.


Bever, Skinningrove 1981 © Chris Killip

Bever, Skinningrove 1981 © Chris Killip

Chris Killip’s recent publications, Here Comes Everybody (Thames and Hudson) and the Books on Books edition of In Flagrante (Errata Editions) will be available on the night for signing.

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