20 June – 31 July 2007
HOST gallery is pleased to present a new exhibition by Chris Steele-Perkins. Haswell Plough to Harajuku reveals two distinct yet congruent sides to this Magnum photographer ‘s photographic brilliance.

In Haswell Plough the images form a nostalgic and investigative story on life in rural England looking at the people who inhabit and work in the countryside and their relationship to the land and their animals. In Harajuku, Tokyo, Steele-Perkins employs a significantly different photographic approach, treating us to a vibrant, enigmatic and sometimes surreal journey that immerses us in the daily life of the city. This is his Tokyo, the place where he met and fell in love with his wife, Miyako.

Mixing classical black and white photo-reportage with contemporary colour street photography, Haswell Plough to Harajuku offers an insight into Steele-Perkins’ love, affection and understanding for the two radically different landscapes and peoples that have helped shape his life. Featuring over 40 individual prints from Northumberland and Tokyo, the exhibition is also the first showing in the UK of a unique five metre by two metre montage consisting of over 100 individual images from Tokyo.

Both of these projects have been published separately in book form this year: Northern Exposures and Tokyo Love Hello. HOST brings together the two series in order to contemplate and admire the character and personality of these projects and their esteemed author.