saavedra_280This project is a celebration of Colombian earth mothers and daughters in a pre-Colombian tradition. Before the arrival of Europeans and Catholicism, the native people worshipped nature, and Mother Nature was represented by the goddess Huitaca. I wanted to strip away the layers of stereotyping that Colombian women have endured and return to the simple values of the land and the raw beauty of the women who work it.

I travelled far and wide to meet and shoot these women and to hear their stories. I worked as quickly as possible once I had them in my portable studio to maintain the natural feel of the portraits which I shot on medium format film. Working with Septima Photos and various charities such as Manos de Mujeres, I hope to use these pictures to bring about direct supplies for the women involved in the project and perhaps a change in the portrayal of women in Colombia in general.

Carlos Saavedra /