21-28 January 2010

The theme of the innaugural year of Document was “Crisis & Change – the human face of the economic meltdown”. The five selected photographers and their stories are exhibited at HOST gallery from 21-28 January, featuring the work of Gareth Kingdon, Victor Yuliev, Francesco Stelitano (photo above), Marianne van Loo and Paul Corcoran.

Gareth Kingdon’s 360 degree photos from Kibera Slum in Nairobi, lend a glimpse into the lives of its inhabitants and their dwellings, from schools and barber shops to record shops and private spaces.

Victor Yuliev’s moody and evocative images on homelessness in St Petersburg and the charity “Doss House” which provides large tents for around 70 homeless people to rest and receive hot food.

Francesco Stelitano’s work looks at Mumbai, one of the richest cities in Asia. His images portray the stark divide between rich and poor as the city  becomes more consumer-driven in its quest for economic supremacy.

Marianne van Loo documents Parliament Street in Burnley, a street undergoing social housing regeneration. Five years into it, the windows and doors are still boarded up.

In Empty Promise, Paul Corcoran’s portraits of youth in Wales communicate the emotional states of unemployed youth and a comment on the economic downturn affecting Britain.

For more information see www.documentphotoaward.org